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Every business, project and idea has its own dynamics and should be developed like building a puzzle. Alma Mushi, digital marketing specialist and sales coach, has been working successfully in several projects in various sectors like Telco, ICT, Banking, Marketing & Advertising, Technology, Software Development,  in the areas of Digital Marketing Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Training, Localisation and Monetisation.


Your Challenge to Sales & Digital Marketing Is

Our Commitment

We provide  Digital Marketing Services, Training & Sales Coaching aiming for excellent performances. Our purpose is to discover with each client new potentialities that contribute to transforming their Resources and their Life into a space of greater Realization. We achieve Results because We imply our self, with all our Knowledge, Experience and Enthusiasm, in everything We do!


Strategic Thinking

Unlike most marketing companies or consultants you may find in the marketplace, we will rarely simply build websites or provide a single service because we see our relationships with our clients to be highly strategic, holistic and long term in nature. We truly believe the path to success lies in thoroughly understanding your company’s short and long term goals, challenges and strengths. We then work with you to develop a marketing and/or sales plan which supports those goals and stands the test of time.

Four key words perfectly sum up how we work: Research, Planning, Collaboration and Implementation. The best marketing or sales plan in the world is useless if it sits in a manual on a shelf and implementation is a waste of time if what’s being implemented isn’t effective. In order to be effective it must not only work and be implemented, it also must have been created and executed in a collaborative process with all stakeholders enthusiastically buying in to the plan and the process.


You know that Internet can become your best “sales person” but don’t know how to “hire” it ?

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