Coaching for Starters

What is the program “Coaching for Starters” about ?

coaching for startersThe program “coaching for starters“, is a personalized support for companies less than 3 years old, an ongoing relationship within a defined period which allows to obtain concrete and measurable results.

Coaching for starters program is concentrated on three main axes:

  1. The sales cycle (customer screening, generation of opportunities, buyer behavior, order backlog, loyalty) and optimization of sales resources (implementation of processes, sales forecasts, measurement tools Results);
  2. Technological marketing (sales process, WEB software and applications, strategy and Internet marketing);
  3. Business development (development and implementation of marketing plans, tailor-made training in sales techniques).

Any entrepreneur in the “Starter” category needs to create his niche in the market. Getting to know and win first customers is never easy. That’s why I have put in place the following three coaching programs:

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Business management
  • Growing Sales and Acquiring New Customers

Coaching in Sales and Marketing Strategy

At the present time of the social media which has been added to the traditional means of marketing and the sale, the companies and the business people often have difficulties to prepare and to implement their Sales and Marketing strategies .

Where to start ? What is my customer target? How can I increase my sales? What are the best marketing tools for my business that will yield the most results at lower costs?

To meet this need, I offer coaching and training in Sales and Marketing Strategy, the main pillars of which are the management of change and the acquisition of skills in business development.

Coaching in Business Management

In order to accelerate your growth, we start by preparing a business strategy using SWOT methodology (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats). Knowing its Strengths and Weaknesses, knowing how to detect Business Opportunities but also Threats, will help to define, among other things, the Real Values ​​of the company and the Optimized Sales Cycle.

And to grow your profitability, which is not always associated with the increase in sales, we help you:

1 – Have a more efficient management of your commercial assets (order book, reminders, customer contacts etc) by implementing a CRM system, but also paying attention to billing activities Your business;

2- Optimize the sales cycle and reduce financing costs by accelerating cash inflows through Sales Contracts.

Growing Sales and Acquiring New Customers

Acquiring a new customer is a very expensive process, but any company must acquire it to ensure its growth. This is why this difficult process must be conducted with the utmost rigor. The following actions are tactical in nature when you are looking to increase your sales QUICKLY. To do this, the company must ensure that it has:

  • A marketing and sales strategy;
  • A strong sales team;
  • An effective customer relationship management tool.

The tools I recommend regarding “lead generation” are useful both to identify qualified customers for a product or service and to probe the market before a company launches a new product.

The stages of the process for acquiring new customers that I have long mastered and adapted to the specific problems of customers, whether professional services firms or manufacturing companies, always begin with a rigorous Market Analysis that will allow to answer the following questions (“Les 6Q”):

  1. What problem solves my product / service?
  2. What is the market of companies likely to buy my product?
  3. What are the tangible benefits I bring to the customer?
  4. What distinguishes me from the competition?
  5. What are my communication tools?
  6. What incentives will be used to close the sale?

Once the answers to these questions are known, we proceed to the next step concerning the follow-up of implementation.

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