Digital Strategy

How to build an effective digital strategy

how to build an effective Digital Strategy Your digital strategy is critical for your brand, its marketing, and your future sales. Knowing how to build an effective Digital Strategy it’s never mattered more because the web, search engine, e-mail and social media have become the critical tools every firm has to get right.

As a specialist digital consultant I’ve spent over 10 years helping agencies, brands, professional services and governments develop the right digital strategy for their market and their customers. From building new online entertainment businesses, to finding new ways for well-known brands to connect with customers, in every project my goal is to unlock the right approach for you and your customers.

Within the framework we’ll build the acquisition approaches, so whether your business relies on Google and Baidu, or Facebook and affiliates – you’ll have the traffic you need. I’ll strengthen your customer retention approaches to maximise lifetime value through your CRM on mobile, social, email and traditional channels. I’ll ensure your digital work is fully integrated so the digital activities are a seamless part of your business. And finally, I’ll give your teams the knowledge and skills they need to make this happen.

Together we’ll craft your digital strategy, from helping to identify the right customer insights, to selecting the right mix of media and content to land your message. We’ll look at how you can engage more effectively, and then move into the purchase process, before we finish with brand advocacy. I’ll help you identify the right choice of channels, sites, mobile, social media and CRM for your digital marketing ecosystem, and help you craft the right approach with your agencies, technologists and media partners. From the thousands of tools to choose from, I’ll help you select the right ones.

Along the way I’ll coach your team to build their knowledge and intuition so they can develop and refine the strategies and achieve more value from their agencies. You’ll get the knowledge you need to take projects further, and learnings that will be transferable to your colleagues.

My clients tell  me this has transformed the way they work, not just for the first digital strategy, but for the way they continued afterwards, and it made the difference between a project that would have fallen flat and one that delivered strong ROI.

I would like you to be able to tell me the same. Start the discussion by emailing me