Integrating Digital Marketing into Sales Coaching Program


Combining technology with Sales Coaching to achieve better  results

Integrating Digital Marketing to sales coaching program I’ve been in sales since 2005 and I love sales as much as I love digital marketing because it’s all about communication and helping people improving their live, owing to the fact that they develop better and faster their business. And by experience, integrating digital marketing to sales coaching program helps getting better results.

How do I see my self as a sales coach ? Entrepreneur or Company Manager, regardless of the activity of the company, the principles of Coaching remain the same. In this context, Sales Coaching is almost identical to Sports Coaching.

Thus, a sports coach will push the athlete to achieve optimal performance, will support him when he is exhausted and also teach the athlete to perform techniques of games that his competitor does not foresee. A sports coach will make you run more laps and make you work harder than you would if you were alone, and that even when you do not want to train you.

In comparison, a sales coach acts in the same way, but focuses on creating and developing a successful sales strategy and techniques. The role of a sales coach is to mentor business owners through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.

In addition I combine digital marketing strategy with sales coaching techniques to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their sales faster.

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Digital Marketing Strategy includes Search Engine Optimisation and Website Optimisation to grow traffic and generate Leads, E-mail marketing for customer retention and cross-sales, Paid Search to attract new clients, Social Selling to build your brand and make your place in the market.

My approach as  a sales coach

First, I design the framework with the client by asking the right questions: What are the goals? What are the brakes? Why do you want to act now? After that, a frequency of follow-up and action can be determined.

As a sales coach I will help, guide, inspire my client to ask questions so that he can then find the answers by himself. In coaching, we assume that the client is strong and autonomous but that he lacks only the way and the “how to” to find his own answers.

I help entrepreneurs reach their sales goals by developing their professional skills and improving their expertise. Integrating Digital Marketing to sales coaching program allow to do this in less time and costs.

The follow-up is tailored according to the rate of integration of the client, his expectations, and his needs. The coach is accompanying, the client advances in complete autonomy. I open doors, I talk with the customer about opportunities, always with at least 2 or 3 options, so that the latter has a maximum of perspectives while being master of his decisions and taking his responsibilities.

The coaching sessions are dynamic with a constant exchange, and always with a free time to give place to the expression, which promotes the creativity, the development and the flourishing of the client.

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Coaching in Company, different from Individual Coaching

The approach in the company will not be the same as in an individual professional consultation. In the corporate world, the dialogue will be different, the tool sometimes counts less than the result. It is on two points that it will often be necessary to insist: improve the workplaces by optimizing certain services but also and above all restore the taste and the pleasure of the work so that a better profitability flows from it.

This involves two approaches: team coaching, which involves joining an already existing team to a project put in place by the company’s executives, or working with the team building that consists of the company develop a project around which it will recruit the team of collaborators according to the specifics of the project. In both cases, it is important that the employee finds the notion of pleasure to work.

During the coaching sessions, I work enormously on the beliefs of the person, and especially on the limiting beliefs that the persons maintain on their capacities.

From the first (free) consultation, an assessment will be made to know the expectations and needs of the client in relation to his objective, so as to jointly determine the necessary number of sessions. In company, it is possible to set up a package including ten sessions for executives, with the possibility of interviewing by telephone, skype or on site, as the case may be. On-demand sessions according to needs are also possible.

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{:}{:fr}Entrepreneur(e) ou Gérant(e) d’Entreprise, indépendamment de l’activité de votre entreprise, les principes de Coaching restent les mêmes. Dans ce cadre, Business Coaching est presque identique au Coaching Sportif.

Ainsi, un coach sportif va pousser l’athlète pour atteindre une performance optimale, va le soutenir quand il est épuisé et aussi enseigner l’athlète à exécuter des techniques de jeux que son concurrent ne prévoit pas. Un coach sportif va vous faire courir plus de tours et vous faire travailler plus dur que vous le feriez si vous étiez seul, et ça même quand vous ne voulez pas vous entrainer.

En comparaison, un coach d’affaires agit de la même façon, mais il se concentre sur la création et développement d’une entreprise prospère.

Le rôle d’un coach d’affaires est d’encadrer les propriétaires d’entreprise grâce à l’orientation, le soutien, la responsabilisation et l’encouragement.

Notre agence, A.M. Business Coaching aide les propriétaires de petites et moyennes entreprises avec leurs ventes, le marketing, la gestion, la construction de l’équipe et bien plus encore.

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