My Approach to training and coaching clients

my approach to training and coaching clientsAlthough in most of the projects I was called to work as a consultant, I am convinced that through training and coaching everyone can become an expert in their field and also learn new skills. That’s why I am motivated to share my passion and experience, so that my clients or students can develop their professional skills, achieve better results and also their goals. My approach to training and coaching clients aim for action in achieving identified goals on three levels:

  1. Individual: increase knowledge and personal skills (entrepreneurs, managers, collaborators);
  2. Team: improving the functioning of divisions and teams;
  3. Organization: Implementing and supporting change processes.

To date, verbal training remains the most effective method. This is why the essence of my approach to training and coaching clients lies in personal contact between the participant and me. An active knowledge transfer, interaction, confrontation with other participants and individual action plans through consulting, training or coaching sessions is the basis of my approach.

To whom are my services designated ?

To all those who are active in the professional world – from the entrepreneur operating as a sole trader to the manager of SMB’s- who are in contact with clients, and want to grow the company by using Digital Marketing Strategies. The emphasis of my services is on digital marketing and sales techniques.

Why trust me ?

Proven expertise

I’m in business for more than fiften years, built and managed 6 companies in Europe, USA, and Canada, developed new business in two continents, love learning new things and helping other entrepreneurs.  I am not only professional but also passionate about my area of ​​expertise, be it digital marketing or sales and want to share my knowledge and experience with you. I am continuously investing in my own development, therefore I am able to apply the latest methodologies and techniques.

Very practical, short and intense coaching sessions and/or training

Time is gold and especially in the corporate world. This is why my courses are compact and intense. We start from the dynamics of your organization or your team. This means: a minimum of theory and a maximum of practice. The exercises are tailored to the situation of your company and the concrete reality of your job or function. After training you start right away with a list of personal actions. I offer one-day courses, but you can also opt for individual half-day coaching in one or more sessions at a time that suits you best.

Sustainable Partnership

My clients trust my professional services and I consider the work we do together as a partnership, be it consulting, coaching or training

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