Online Marketing Services for Startups


The program of Online Marketing for Startups is to help you build remarkable products and services that seek to be discovered by your audiences. I engage with funded startups to drive their digital marketing efforts.

online marketing for startupsWhile guest posts and linkable assets can be powerful ways to earn exposure and build links, there’s much more to the story of online marketing for startups. Here’s the simple truth: you need to promote your assets in order to earn exposure. If guest posts are the only way you do that, you’re missing out on relevant audiences throughout the web.

We would all like to believe that we’re past the stage where marketing matters. We want to believe that great products will become wildly successful based on word of mouth alone. Unfortunately, academic research has shown that word of mouth simply isn’t as powerful as we’d like it to be, and that the six degrees of separation are a myth.

As a digital marketing consultant with offices in Portugal and Belgium I am the piece of puzzle in the big picture who helps companies with limited resources and the budget it takes to buy exposure on top media platforms by using Digital Marketing tools and strategies.

Based on the marketing needs and resources of the client my process of Online Marketing for Startups and Market Planning includes some or all of the following components:

  • Online Industry Analysis
  • Online Target Analysis and Target Segmentation
  • Online Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning
  • Web Site improvement and Design Plan
  • Web Copy Editing for User Engagement and Search Visibility
  • Digital Messaging per target type
  • Online Media Plan/Budget
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Search Engine Marketing Plan (SEO and PPC)
  • E-Mail Marketing Plan
  • Blogging Plan
  • Blog Outreach/Online PR Plan
  • Online Revenue Plan (for funded start-ups and established online publishers)

Companies that will truly benefit from the program of Online Marketing for Startups are those established B2B companies in the following online scenarios:

  • Launching a new online initiative
  • Struggling to grow their online brand
  • Struggling to drive online leads
  • Struggling to make existing online programs drive results
  • Require one single digital marketing process

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