Sales and Marketing Training

Learn Best Practices on Using Digital Marketing to Drive B2B Sales

    Sales and marketing trainingI believe that simply imparting knowledge is not enough; training must be lead to effective learning to help individuals having the desire to apply that learning for personal and organizational efficiency. My Online and In-Person learning solutions in the areas of sales and marketing training not only impart knowledge but also sharpen skills and bring creativity to solve business issues. 

    I have an expertise in selling services as solutions in the industries of Telecommunications, Internet Marketing, Software and Information Technology, and also have over 15 years’ experience in B2B Technology Sales Management and in Sales Training. What makes me different from other consultants is that I bring in my expertise in B2B Sales to Digital Marketing Consult projects so my clients not only gain an expert-level of understanding in digital marketing and planning, but are also equipped with the sales tools and information to complete their entire marketing to sales cycle.

    sales and marketing trainingDuring the pragmatic and interactive training sessions, you will have the opportunity to analyze your business’ situation in relation to the subject of the training and then identify the aspects in which you are good and those in which you are perfectible. In order to better understand the techniques taught, you will be able to implement them in your company.

    A standard, proven sales process is delivered so that sales personnel have a way to deliver solution sales that is efficient and ties back to monthly sales revenue goals. My process delivers specific metrics and qualification factors that are the key to sales efficiency and ultimate success. The process includes cold-calling, relationship building, target market research, competitive positioning and selling best practices.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of my training classes:

    I offer these courses also in the form of individual coaching.  Contact me for more information, the analysis of your needs is free.