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work with me I love nothing better than sharing my experience, and what I have learned with those who are eager to grow. If this sounds like you, we need to connect and you should work with me.

I work with clients to identify strategies for action in achieving identified goals. I do this by focusing on the client and her/his situation all my : Attention, Curiosity, Creativity, and Intuition.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and managers who wish to take their business forward while improving their own life balance. I work with my clients as an experienced partner, enabling them to overcome barriers and achieve their ambitious projects in a strategic manner, while maintaining harmony with their values and beliefs.

What are my Values

  • To help You discover your full potential
  • Your ideas and solutions come first
  • Consistency in the action plan
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality

Services in Digital Marketing, Sales coaching, Training

What is my specialty?

Helping you develop Digital Marketing and Sales strategies that will propel your business into the big time.  A real workaholic, I adore learning about what makes a business tick — and I have an intuitive knack for knowing what will make it tick well. My experience is built on more than fiften years of guiding personal and business change within corporate settings and SMB clients.

Consulting services related to Digital Marketing can be offered on demand or as a project. Did I tell you that I’m also Certified Prince2 on project management ? Therefore I can also help you to prepare the project and implement it.

The coaching relationship includes 2-4 scheduled hours a month and voice mail/e-mail support between coaching sessions. Most coaching sessions occur via skype or phone. My clients — even those locally — have found online coaching or via the phone can be more effective than in-person coaching for a variety of reasons. It can be:

  • Easier not to be distracted by our physical actions or surroundings.
  • More efficient with the session beginning right away without extended social graces we might feel the need to practice in-person.
  • Less inhibiting, and therefore easier to create trust and safety.
  • Simpler to schedule sessions without commuting.

I will schedule coaching sessions in-person if requested and as possible.

I welcome your questions via the phone or by e-mail. I also can schedule a free coaching session so you may discuss digital marketing solutions for your company, sales coaching techniques and my “sample” coaching style.

Contact me today by E-mail:

or give me a call at +351 91 298 05 46.

I want to be part of your success